Ezra’s imagination is really blossoming lately. He loves engaging in imaginative play, whether that making toy ‘guns’ with lego and going ‘bang’, making his Paw Patrol toys go on a rescue to cars he has crashed or cooking in his toy kitchen. He loves to play with adults, such and me and Matt, but lately we’ve observed him go off and play by himself. 

It’s pretty cool, watching him and seeing what little narratives he comes up with. It is easy to see how much he has been influenced by us, activities we do and the media he has been exposed to. For example, he will say ‘let’s go’ only pronounced it like Mario – ‘letsa go’ or he acts out rescues like he’s seen on Paw Patrol with the one needing to be rescued shouting “help. HELP!” Until now, I’ve not seen first hand how what we have shown him has sunk in. He’s a little sponge right now and I’m really loving seeing his development. I can also see where some of his favourite stories have influenced him (we read 2 stories at bedtime) and how he has enmeshed everything he has learned to create his own little narratives. He was playing in his room earlier when me and Matt heard him enacting a conversation between two characters “There you go!” And in response “thank you!” So cute. 

He really loves to play. I really enjoy watching him as he learns and explores playing in different ways. He has always loved your typical boy toys – cars, trains, dinosaurs etc. He loves driving his cars around, he really enjoys building with his Lego or his Megablocks. He loves setting up his vtech toot toot tracks and getting the track pieces to fit together. 

Play is important for toddlers, it’s how they learn. Sometimes, I think I learn a lot from watching him. A child’s mind is so pure and innocent and it’s amazing to observe it. I’m looking forward to watching Ezra as his imaginative ability expands and grows and I’m excited to nurture it. 

See you next post!