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Saying hi

Hi everyone!

My name is Jazz and I’m in my mid twenties. I live in Portsmouth, UK and I work for a bank as a consultant. I’ve been in a relationship with Matt since 2008 after we met through mutual friends at college. Together we have a beautiful son, Ezra, who was born on 6th December 2014. 

Here on my blog I will document my life as a mum, my experiences, reviews of products and places and voice my opinions. To start with, post uploads are going to be pretty irregular until I work out a posting schedule. I will post at least once a week. This blog is primarily going to be mum/family life oriented. You can expect to see posts about days out, toddler groups, craft activities which may be with or for a child, items and products I’ve bought that I want to share good or bad experiences of and topical posts. I will also post some hints and tips on how to save money and how to manage your finances, bargain buys and brilliant deals I’ve found. 

I enjoy crafty activities, and feeling the satisfaction of making something. I have recently started to crochet and I like to make canvas art. I regularly paint my nails and like many people, I am attempting to lose weight and get healthy. These topics may feature in future blog posts!

I enjoy documenting my life as I think it’s fun to share experiences and even to reflect back on things. This year I am completing the #365positivethoughts challenge, where you post a positive thought every day for a year, which I am currently doing on my instagram @jazzsalmon

So, that’s a brief introduction to me. I hope you enjoy my blog. 

See you on the next post!